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Russian Abstract Expressionist

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Wassily Kandinsky


"The Daddy Of Abstract Art"

Imaginative Influences - Russian people Art, Art Nouveau, African Tribal Art, Franz Marc, Paul Klee and Alexei von Jawlensky

Fearing for his life the singer fled to Paris, in which he remained until their death in 1944.

Reason behind Death - Cerebrovascular condition

Wassily Kandinsky Art Quotations

The all-important spark of inner religious life are at present just a spark. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

Colors could be the keyboard, the eyes will be the harmonies, the heart may be the piano with several strings. The singer could be the hand that plays, touching one secret or another, to cause vibrations in the heart - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

There's absolutely no must in art because art is no-cost. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

The greater frightening society becomes ... the greater art becomes abstract. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

All methods tend to be sacred if they are internally essential. All practices are sins if they're maybe not warranted by inner need. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

The singer isn't a 'Sunday youngster' for whom every thing straight away succeeds. He does not have the right to stay without task. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

Every masterpiece of design could be the son or daughter of its time; frequently this is the mommy of our emotions. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

Imagination is exactly what allows your brain discover.- Wassily Kandinsky Quote

Black is similar to the silence regarding the human body after death, the close of life. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

The nature just like the human body, are strengthened and produced by regular physical exercise. - Wassily Kandinsky Quote

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