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Andy Warhol was the most popular figure in the pop art movement that came up in the 1950s in the United States and Great Britain. During their profession he produced paintings, films, advertisements, print advertisements along with other works of art.

Andy Warhol’s moms and dads stumbled on The united states from Czechoslovakia at the start of the twentieth century. As a boy Andy liked to draw and cut-up photographs. Your family lived in Pittsburgh, where Warhol’s daddy worked in a coal mine.

While in highschool Warhol took art classes and drew sketches in the Carnegie Museum. He liked to attend the flicks and started collecting lover articles of famous movies and movie stars. These items appeared down the road in Warhol’s works.

Warhol studied art in Pittsburgh and after going to ny in 1949 he started act as an illustrator for mags including the brand new Yorker or Vogue. During this period he started using a special way to draw pictures for . Andy Warhol became unsatisfied with this job and wished to have their photographs shown in galleries.

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During sixties Andy Warhol concentrated on painting practical pictures of everyday products. This design became referred to as pop art. Among their most well-known paintings had been comic pieces, photos of Marylyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, Coca Cola bottles together with electric seat. Their most likely most commonly known artwork ended up being the popular Campbell soup can. In the drawings Warhol simplified objects and portraits and painted them in several colors.

The biggest market of Warhol’s life ended up being his art studio, called the Factory. Here he came across many other popular performers and famous people. The Factory has also been made use of as a film studio for which Andy Warhol produced lots of their famous underground movies. They often had no special plot but had been very long. In just one of them he shows a person sleeping for five hours.

In 1968 a frustrated celebrity, Valerie Solanas, wandered into Warhol’s studio and shot the singer. Although he'd already been pronounced dead, medical practioners was able to reanimate him and save your self their life. Warhol never fully recovered using this incident.

During 1970s and 80s Warhol proceeded to paint with the same silk screen strategy that had made him preferred but, one way or another, their career was decreasing. In 1987 Warhol passed away at the age of 58 during a routine gall kidney operation.

Andy Warhol had a unique personality. He had been a declared homosexual just who liked become popular and stand-in the spotlights. He liked to-be enclosed by showy figures like Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison.

The Andy Warhol Museum, in Pittsburgh is the largest art museum dedicated to a single musician. It holds more than 12, 000 works of icon of pop music art. The highest-priced painting is Eight Elvises, images of Elvis Presley, that was sold for over 100 million bucks.


  • although = while
  • appear = show
  • art = painting and drawing photos
  • art gallery = building where paintings and pictures are shown to the public
  • can = steel container which has soup, meals or something like that to drink in it
  • celebrity = a famous individual who continues to be live
  • century = one hundred years
  • coal mine = spot where workers dig coal out from the earth
  • comic strip = a few pictures drawn inside boxes that tell a tale
  • commercial = advertisement on television or radio
  • declared = something that is formal or was stated in public areas
  • decline = to go down
  • devoted = here: just for someone
  • electric chair = chair used in the United States to execute criminals
  • figure = person
  • flashy = here: person who wears expensive clothes and likes to be famous
  • frustrated =angry
  • fully = completely
  • gall bladder = organ within your body which stores an eco-friendly product that your liver produces
  • homosexual = to-be sexually interested in the exact same intercourse; homosexual
  • symbol = idol
  • illustrator = someone who draws images for books and magazines
  • image = photo
  • event = occasion
  • item = object
  • action = crowd whom have confidence in or perform some same things
  • pop music art = style of art which was popular in the 1950s and 60s; it showed each day things as colorful paintings
  • preferred = liked; well – understood
  • pronounce = declare ; to express officially
  • reanimate = here: to try and make a person’s pulse once more
  • recover = in order to become healthy once more
  • silk-screen = attracting strategy, where ink is forced onto a surface through a piece of cloth
  • simplify = to help make easier; without such information
  • sketch = a straightforward drawing that will not show much information
  • limelight = for plenty of interest
  • encircled = here: he is together with many individuals
  • strategy = way of drawing
  • underground = here: strange and often surprising films being only seen by a small number of folks
  • special = single; you'll find nothing else enjoy it
  • unhappy = unhappy
  • work = here: painting

Create Andy Warhol Style Pop Art - Lady Ga Ga [Photoshop CS5]
Create Andy Warhol Style Pop Art - Lady Ga Ga [Photoshop CS5]
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How to Create an Andy Warhol pop art effect in GIMP
Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol
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