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Cubism art Projects

Submitted by: Ken Schwab, formerly of Leigh High School, San Jose CA
Unit: Cubism - Drawing/Collage
Lesson Plan: Cubism a Fractured Reality - still life with collage elements -
Grade Level: High School (adaptable to middle school)
Ken's Web Site:

Objectives: Students will

  1. Gain an understanding and awareness for the cubist style of artists such as Picasso, Braque, and Gris.
  2. Create a multi-media composition showing multiple views of various objects - fracturing the planes in the manner of the cubists
  3. Create a composition with a variety of textures - developing interest through contrast and added collage elements.
  4. Develop skills in shading using both white and black to show values.


1. Present the work of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Georges Braque through PowerPoint or slides. Show and discuss segments of video if available. Critique art prints. Set up interesting still life.

2. Demonstrate how to show multiple views of one object - demonstrate fractured planes.

3. Demonstrate collage techniques - demonstrate wood grained textures - review shading.


Pablo Picasso Online
Juan Gris Online | Georges Braque Online | Cubism

DVD's: Picasso's Cubism, Picasso: The Man and His Work - Part 1 and Part 2, Picasso: War, Peace, Love [VHS], Picasso: A Film by Didier Baussy-Oulianoff

Juan Gris Prints

Still life with fruit bowl and mandolin
Bottle of Banyuls
The Coffee Mill

Georges Braque Prints

Le Jour
Round Table

Cubism Art History handout and Picasso Biography (teacher made)


Drawing Pencils #2HB, Ebony Black
Still life set up (musical instruments work well)
Colored Mat board scraps (boards cut to approx 12" x 18" (30.5 x 46 cm)
White Conté Crayons
Black Charcoal
Watercolor Paint (Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber)
Sable Brushes
Graphite Sticks (6B)
Black Felt tip pens (India ink - optional)
Newspapers/Music sheets
Scissors, Spray Mount Adhesive


1. After reviewing Picasso and Braque with a video (several titles are available - see resource list) and a text portion of Cubism (Art History), students are set up with a ruler, newsprint, pencil and eraser. Have a group of objects set up in the room for a still life. Ken likes to use the same things Picasso and Braque used such as guitars, wine bottles, fruit, violins, trumpets, etc.

2. With the students around the still life have them begin with a few straight lines on the newsprint, some vertical, some horizontal and some diagonal (about five to start). Talk to them about stylization and simplification of form into to flat shape.

3. When they start to draw these contours of objects, have them start at the top and move down the page. When they get to the lines, shift over and continue to draw the object. Add more lines from parts of the objects that they have started. Have them make at least three studies differing the object used and new lines.

4. Pick out the best design and transfer it to the scrap mat board and this will be the color of the picture.

5. Outline the design with a narrow black pen. Plan out a value pattern using a black felt tip pen.

6. Select at least three areas to collage newspapers or sheet music and use a spray adhesive to glue them down.

7. Use the Palettes and Watercolor Paint to produce a faux wood grain by painting lines, blending with a moistened brush and putting a tone across the area for a light value.

8. Lastly use white and black Charcoal Pencils and Graphite Drawing Pencils to draw into shapes and make gradations where you like.

Student Art Gallery - Cubism Still Life


1. Did students show an understanding of cubist style by showing still life from multiple views -

Cubism A school project 2.0
Cubism A school project 2.0
My Big Boss Cubism Project for Art - Metal Gear Solid V
My Big Boss Cubism Project for Art - Metal Gear Solid V ...
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