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Cubism characteristics

PDF FILE - JUST CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE WORKSHEET - 1 PDF FILE - CLICK THE LINK FOR PRINTABLE WORKSHEET - 2 A primary website link between Cubist Art and Cubist Architecture cannot exist. But both share the exact same characteristic of dealing with geometrical forms and kinds. Often Cubist Artists painted abstract objects, as dissected geometrical shapes. Often structures, centered on Cubist concepts, are designed as geometrical interlocking forms or simply as just one geometrical shape. This can be present in the buildings shown below.

All the structures has a fundamental geometrical design, usually a cuboid form. Simpleness can be an overriding attribute.

Modern-day materials have now been utilized, usually products maybe not normally used in the building of structures.

The structures have sharp, clean outlines, making sure the building is viewed in perspective easily.

Cubist buildings in many cases are designed to be manufactured as prefabricated structures and relocated through the factory toward building web site where they're assembled.

The windows have a cube / rectangular kind and don't necessarily line-up with one another, such as standard / conventional structures.

Slight tints dominate the look, with 1 or 2 tints prominent.

Contemporary Materials.
Built to enable maximum light into the building
Designed with an open area inside.
Ordinary colour pallette.
Forms of doors and windows in harmony with the model of the building.
Built to match the urban environment.
Prefabricated and assembled on site. Mainstream design.
Conventional materials - red-brick, tiled roof..
Traditional design, from 1920s.
Traditional doors and windows.
Constructed on web site, from scrape. Not prefabricated QUESTION / EXERCISE - CUBISM Three homes designed regarding the concepts of Cubist Architecture, are shown below. They've been each considering a geometrical form called a cuboid. Learn their features/characteristics very carefully. Finish the design for a tiny house, at the end for the page. The fundamental geometrical form of the building was drawn for you personally. Bear in mind, the building should-be designed with Cubism at heart.

Suggestion: consider the style of the three sample buildings before including information towards design.

PDF Architecture and Cubism PDF Full Ebook
PDF Architecture and Cubism PDF Full Ebook
[PDF] Cubism (25) [Download] Full Ebook
[PDF] Cubism (25) [Download] Full Ebook
PDF Czech Cubism and the Book The Modern Czech Book 1 Read
PDF Czech Cubism and the Book The Modern Czech Book 1 Read ...
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