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German Expressionism books

The event are marked with a guest lecture from Professor Sir Richard Evans associated with the University of Cambridge on 2 March

Issued by University of Leicester Press workplace on

• The University of Leicester will house the Whitford range – 1, 000 volumes on German Expressionism

• The free lecture will require put on Wednesday 2 March, at 6pm, in the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre

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A unique number of publications on German Expressionism from collection of art historian and critic Dr Frank Whitford is obtained by the University of Leicester.

Dr Frank Whitford had been an expert on art for the duration, and a senior person in Wolfson university, Cambridge.

The collection includes over 1, 000 amounts on and by German and Austrian artists associated with the Expressionist and Bauhaus times, including Beckmann, Dix, Grosz, Kandinsky, Klee, Klimt, Nolde and Schiele, and lots of initial and unusual convention catalogues from Berlin and Munich published between 1910 and 1940.

Moreover it includes components of interest to historians of interwar period, and includes an entire collection of Karl Kraus’ Die Fackel magazine (1900-1936).

The collection are officially unveiled on Wednesday 2 March by Sir Richard Evans, who will provide an illustrated lecture entitled “Art and Architecture in Nazi Germany”.

Sir Richard is Regius Professor of background Emeritus in the University of Cambridge and President of Wolfson university, and understood Frank Whitford really.

Sir Richard said: "Frank Whitford ended up being a leading expert in twentieth-century German art, with many considerable journals to his name. I am delighted that his collection of books on German and Austrian art has come to Leicester, where they form a great resource to complement the town's superb collection of German Expressionist paintings.”

Professor Phillip Lindley, Professor of Art History within University, said: “The books form an investigation collection which perfectly complements the globally important collection of Expressionist art in the brand new Walk Museum and memorial. The collection will support both students and researchers, and enable additional collaborative study.”

Sarah Levitt, mind of Arts & Museums at Leicester City Council, said: "we've been pleased to collaborate with all the University of Leicester about this exciting purchase, which will achieve this much to promote the study of German Expressionism and enhance the profile of our choices."

The lecture reaches 6pm within the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, University of Leicester, and no-cost passes can be found to your average man or woman.

The Whitford Collection is housed in the University Library, and a selection of books will likely be on screen pre and post the lecture.

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