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1st official Blaue Reiter art convention established in Munich in the Moderne Galerie Thannhauser, in December 1911. In March 1912, it travelled to Berlin where it inaugurated the Sturm Gallery, accompanied by Cologne and Frankfurt. An extra exhibition accompanied in 1912, at the Hans Goltz Gallery, in Munich. There have been no longer 'official' programs regarding the group, but all five core members had been active in the general expressionist activity: these were represented within great Sonderbund Exhibition in Cologne, in 1912, together with recommended First German Salon d'Automne Exhibition on Sturm Gallery in Berlin, in 1913.

The team was dispersed because of the outcomes of World War I. August Macke ended up being killed in 1914, Franz Marc in 1916, while Jawlensky fled to Switzerland. Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky joined up with the Bauhaus Design school as teachers under Walter Gropius (1883-1969). In 1924, these three - at suggestion for the German art supplier Galka Scheyer (1889-1945) - joined up with aided by the German-American painter Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956) to form Die Blaue Vier (The Blue Four), as sort of umbrella brand under which to market their particular paintings in america. Events had been held in Mexico and America. Later on, through the 1930s several Blue Rider music artists were prohibited by the authorities throughout the Nazi promotion against Degenerate Art ("entartete kunst"). Finally, in 1949, a retrospective convention of functions by the Der Blaue Reiter expressionist group was organized in Munich. See also: History of Expressionist Painting (c.1880-1930).

Blaue Reiter Works

Essential paintings which exemplify this specific pre-war idiom of German Expressionism include:

Wassily Kandinsky
The Blue Rider (1903, Exclusive Collection)
Autumn in Murnau (1908, Exclusive Collection)
Autumn in Bavaria (1908, Musee nationwide d'Art Moderne, Paris)
Wintertime Landscape (1909, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg)
Bedroom in Aintmillerstrasse (1909, Lenbachhaus Gallery, Munich)
Inside, My Dining Area (1909, Stadtischegallerie, Munich)
Cossacks (1910, Exclusive Collection)

Franz Marc
The Large Blue Ponies (1911, Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis)
Tiger (1912, Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich)
Little Blue Horse (1912, Saarland Museum)

Alexei von Jawlensky
Mind (c.1910, Museum of Modern Art, New York)
Head of a female (1911, National Gallery of contemporary Art, Edinburgh)
Head of a lady 'Medusa' (1923, Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon)

August Macke
Zoological Garden We (1912, Lenbachhaus Gallery, Munich)
Lady in an eco-friendly Jacket (1913, Ludwig Museum, Cologne)
Girls Under Woods (1914, Professional Collection, Austria)

Crucial Selections

Although works by Blaue Reiter artists hang in lots of worldwide's most useful art galleries, good choices can be viewed at these organizations:

- Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, Ca
- Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York

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