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20th century artists Painters

The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 0RN, UK

Speakers include

  • Dawn Ades: University of Essex
  • Elizabeth Cowling: University of Edinburgh
  • Neil Cox: University of Edinburgh
  • Richard Deacon: Artist
  • John Elderfield: Princeton University
  • Chris Green: The Courtauld Institute of Art
  • Phillip King: Singer
  • C.F.B.Miller: University of Manchester
  • John Milner: The Courtauld Institute of Art
  • Gavin Parkinson: The Courtauld Institute of Art
  • Trevor Stark: Harvard University
  • Michael White: University of York
  • Sarah Wilson: The Courtauld Institute of Art
  • James Mooney: Singer

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When he delivered the A.W.Mellon lectures in Washington D.C. before publishing his routes to your Absolute in 2000, John Golding described himself merely as ‘painter’. Internationally, he could be recalled much more widely as an art form historian and exhibition manufacturer, whoever shows and writings took in major musicians and artists and moves associated with twentieth Century. His Cubism; a brief history and research (1959) became a classic, with Sir Alan Bowness, he pioneered teaching and study in twentieth Century art record on Courtauld into the 1960s and ‘70s. He had been a painter-writer whose painter’s “obsessions” (as he liked to call all of them) acted entirely on his judgements as a critic-art-historian. This occasion is juxtaposed with a display of their pastels when you look at the Courtauld Galleries, and can feature the assessment of a documentary by award-winning film-maker Bruno Wollheim on Golding the painter. Uniquely Golding taught both within Courtauld as well as in the Painting School at Royal College of Art.

With Sir Alan Bowness, Golding pioneered the serious critical and historic research of twentieth Century art record on Courtauld, bringing to his historical work a visual intelligence that was driven by their artwork. His Cubism: A history and analysis, 1907-19 of 1959 is historical with a rigour then new to its topic however the acuity of the ‘analysis’ in the same way strikingly set it aside. Golding introduced together that value for historical rigour which painter’s perceptiveness in his art historical composing beyond routes to the Absolute, as well as in his convention creating. He started means into Duchamp’s Bride Stripped Bare by the woman Bachelors, Even, while he performed to the earlier in the day Surrealist painting of Miró and Ernst, or perhaps the abstract painting of Mondrian and Malevich, Pollock, Rothko and Newman; and, with Elizabeth Cowling, he initiated two memorably essential exhibitions, Picasso: Sculptor/Painter (1994) and Matisse Picasso (2002-3). This conference will bring collectively music artists with responded to Golding the artist with art historians working in several of the areas with that he involved.

The artists who'll contribute include Richard Deacon and Phillip King. From generation that Golding taught as art historian the speakers will include Dawn Ades, Elizabeth Cowling, John Elderfield (keynote), Christopher Green, John Milner and Sarah Wilson. Various other speakers will include Neil Cox, C.F.B.Miller, Gavin Parkinson, Trevor Stark and Michael White.

Antonio Ligabue - Great 20th Century Naïve Artist (Art
Antonio Ligabue - Great 20th Century Naïve Artist (Art ...
A Primer On The Top Artists Of The 20th Century (VIDEO)
A Primer On The Top Artists Of The 20th Century (VIDEO)
Scenic Artist, Sophie Meakin on 20th Century Boy
Scenic Artist, Sophie Meakin on 20th Century Boy
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