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Muy SexyJoins modern Mexican-American pop artist. Give the man a pallet of basic main colors and he’ll paint you a snapshot of just what he calls “Kitsch Latino art.” Think Mexican eye candy along with his renditions of one's preferred treats developing up, illustrations of party as part of your mind whenever paletero guy emerged around or your mom astonished a Pelón through the part store. Sprinkle some traditional iconography through the conquest, Aztec traditions, as well as the Chicago classics inspired from our neighborhoods, hence’s Ricardo Gonzalez in an abstract nut layer.



Identify: Ricardo Gonzalez
Age: 27
Roots: South side Chicago/Blue Island (“My household came to Chicago from Michoacan, Mx. I’m the 2nd son or daughter in my family become created inside U.S.”)
Day job: several jobs, acrylic artwork instructor at South Chicago Art Center and mural/art instructor for upon class Matters at Bogan twelfth grade.
Existing obsessions/addictions: 8bit/16bit culture (video gaming tradition from belated ’80s-’90s).
Guilty pleasure(s): Muppets, specially Kermit.
Recent music discovery: Quiero Club.
Most readily useful current meal: Unos tacos de Atotonilco.
Movie that best represents your lifetime:
Last book you read: “The Dawn of Day” by Nietzsche.

Define your art.

I enjoy think of myself a painter of Latino contemporary culture, most particularly Mexican US pop. In addition have actually a body of work that's centered on Mexican surrealism as inspired because of the great muralists. We have been recently tilting toward artwork in a more representational (practical) design, nonetheless I've however kept the fundamental motif of Latino culture/identity the primary focus. We you will need to integrate all aspects from record towards common day iconography.

When did you begin this type of work?

I started doing surrealism and still-life paintings based on Mexican history/culture in about 2005 after studying the annals of Mexico for personal enjoyment. In 2010 We began to just take a lighter approach to the tradition and dedicated to artwork easy photos like candy, ice-cream, alongside goodies. I’m recently emphasizing developing my capacity to make more accurately and including even more portraits and figures within my brand-new work.

Informs us regarding your chosen materials?

We studied utilizing graphite (pen), some charcoal, and watercolor paint. Yesteryear 2 yrs of painting I have focused on acrylic paints only. I look for acrylic paint an extremely flexible medium that may be applied to almost any area and is relatively easier to maintain/clean up.

Whats the most effective praise for the work?

Folks seem to love a number of the lighter non-political work often, i enjoy it when random strangers feel like kids again when considering some of my pop artwork. A lot of people were like children at a candy shop examining several of my “Paletón“ or “Pelón Pelo Rico” paintings. I also obtained many great compliments on a portrait of my grandma, everybody else seemed to love it and state just how much it reminded them of they’re very own grandmother.

Does all your valuable work have a message?

The majority of my paintings being designed for particular exhibits or gallery programs, therefore I constantly had a layout. A few of the motifs for my artwork start around support of immigration reform, Mexican history and native tradition, modern childhood, identity, while the commercial or kitsch iconography. The biggest message i will think about is the basic compliments regarding the culture and good light on the everyday working class hero.

How features Chicago influenced your projects?

Chicago has actually formed me personally as a singer. We studied during the American Academy of Art which had instructed me personally on the French traditional method of drawing/painting. I discovered watercolor painting in university and went to museums and sat in on life drawing model sessions. Once I graduated from my undergrad researches I thought that several of could work revealed my competence and technical ability although art had just glimpses of heart. I experienced to begin mastering a lot more of my family roots and visited most of the simple working class areas in Chicago which We felt I could identify and capture even more soul than elsewhere in Chicago. Little-by-little, we met most of my modern Chicago painting gurus which also had a large part within my present human anatomy of work. Pilsen, Little Village, Rogers Park, Wrigleyville, and many neighborhoods have actually offered me much be effective from.

Any existing projects?

At the moment i'm working on two paintings for an advantage at nationwide Museum of Mexican Art. It'll be for an auction becoming held to assist former instructor Francisco Mendoza. I'm additionally hectic with getting my courses arranged for my art students in order for is using a percentage of my work time. I develop artwork so frequently I look for myself being asked to a show or two occasionally throughout the year.

Programs for future years?

I am hoping maintain my output up and perhaps land more work with Mexico. I enjoy do group shows and aspire to keep doing many any solo program possibilities that may come. I desire to have more classes to instruct on art making and start to become more energetic with communities in art. In addition finished my very first external mural in the summer of 2010, i really hope to be much more tangled up in mural-making opportunities which come.

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