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Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Girl

by Roy Lichtenstein, 1963. Roy Lichtenstein utilized the website landing page of a relationship tale in DC Comics' Secret minds #83 (November 1962), lettered by Ira Schnapp, while the basis the image.

Description Drowning Woman by Roy Lichtenstein, 1963. Roy Lichtenstein used the website landing page of a love story in DC Comics' #83 (November 1962), lettered by Ira Schnapp, since the foundation when it comes to picture.
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Function of use within article This picture is employed as an infobox picture to help visitors identify and visualize the subject of this short article, the picture itself.
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Roy Lichtenstein passed away on 29 September 1997. This picture really represents one of typically considerable functions by Lichtenstein. No other re-enactments or choices exchange or exceed this image. While it might replicated many times, this image is of initial artwork and irreplaceable.
Minimal usage This image is for the topic of the article. Consumption in almost any other article requires adequate information that would gain inclusion with this image, but a subject must be associated with this picture. Usually, using this image outside this article would go beyond restrictions of reasonable use and constitute copyright infringements.
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This picture can be used regarding function, like commercial. But quality of the picture is very minimal adequate to decrease chances of affecting commercial part for this image. Moreover, format for this picture is JPEG, substandard significantly more than PNG. Only at that image's quality, trying to surpass original marketing and advertising part with this image is impossible.
  1. It is a typically considerable artwork.
  2. The image is just used for informational purposes.
  3. Its addition in article adds considerably towards article because it shows the main topic of this article and just how the picture portrayed is familiar to your public.

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This picture is of a design, painting, printing, or other two-dimensional masterpiece of design, therefore the copyright for this is most likely had by either the musician which produced the image, the one who commissioned the work, or their heirs. Its thought that using low-resolution images of works of art

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Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein
How to paint a POP ART Crying Girl in a Roy Lichtenstein style
How to paint a POP ART Crying Girl in a Roy Lichtenstein style
Roy Lichtenstein pop art
Roy Lichtenstein pop art
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